Juan asked 8 years ago

Why has Spiritism been so widespread mostly and mainly in Brazil? why are its most important figures in the last 100 years all Brazilian?

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mpaiva Staff answered 8 years ago

Great question Juan. 
By the mediumship of Francisco Cândido Xavier, the book Brazil, Heart of the World, the Gospel’s Homeland, published in 1938, the Spirit Humberto de Campos, respected Brazilian journalist and writer, is chosen by Spirituality to bring the answer for your question.
The book begins with the creation of the world, spotlighting an Edenic land that would one day become the modernized Brazil. The country’s physical boundaries, mixture of peoples, and key historical moments are all presented as pre-determined by Jesus and directed by powerful spirits. Ismael—the same spirit who was said to have sent the lesser spirit Confucius to work with early Spiritists in Rio de Janeiro, is presented as a guardian angel who heads the ‘phalanx’ of high spirits.
Very intelligent beings, with previous lives in the European civilization and whom had lived the poor use of their potential, are sent to Brazil to have the opportunity to redo their fate and find their redemption.
Brazil, the “Heart of the World” welcomed, thus, the ones who failed, the ones who come from centuries of abusing of power, vices and passion to become the mediums and spiritist workers to help exemplify the recent work and mission given to Allan Kardec.
I am sure someone else can help complementing this answer. But there’s a passage on chapter 2, where Jesus says:
The region of the Southern Cross, which will be held the epic of my Gospel, is, first of all, forever connected to my heart. The political injunctions have her secondary activities, because, above all things, in their hallowed ground and lush is the sign of universal brotherhood, uniting all spirits. About his massive extension constantly hover the sign of my compassionate care and the prestigious and very powerful hand of God will rest upon the land of my cross, with infinite mercy. The Earth imperialist powers always encounter in their divine clarities and its cyclical achievements. Before being of men, it is to my heart that it is connected to, forever.