The Conscious Living Spiritist Group is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to disseminate Spiritism.

Our mission is …
(1) To embrace each person who arrives at our group as a brother/sister and to welcome him/ her into our group/ family providing a sense of belonging.
(2) To empower each person through study, self -awareness and service.

The study is centered on the teachings of the Gospel as exemplified by Jesus and of Spiritism as codified by Allan Kardec. The student learns that life is a journey of enlightenment and the present moment is the outcome of past choices as much as the future will be the result of today’s choices.

Self-knowledge /awareness is a key tenet for the transformation of one’s world and reality. It promotes change by shifting the perception that one is a victim of life to one with the power to be content and at peace regardless of external circumstances. Self-awareness leads to a proactive journey filled with conscious choices aligned with divine love.

Service takes place through the promotion of the participant into a worker restoring a sense of worth, divinity and love within oneself and others